Testimony by Deepa Moodgal - Founder of deepaspirit

I started my yoga journey over 11 years ago. Yoga has been in the family tradition since time and as a young child I used to watch my father standing on his head and used to laugh as he came into funny cross legged positions wihch I now know to be Padmasan (seated lotus posture).

I stumbled across my first yoga class - by accident you could say when I went to my local gym.

I remember distinctively coming into quite different and new movements that my body wasn't used to and I really then did not know what the meaning of them was.

As I started to attend yoga classes regularly, I noticed how I became slightly stronger physically but more importantly became connected to my truer self.

My attitude towards life started to shift and I became less stressed and concerned about things that initially seemed so important.

That inner glow that radiates through the joy of practicing yoga began to flow and it was almost as if someone had placed a switch in my head that was now on.

Looking back I truly understand that these accidental coincidences in life, direct us along our path and happen for a reason.

As my mind, body, spirit interest developed I became intrigued by natural and alternative healing and medicine. Over the years I have studied The Art of Reflexology, Authentic Indian Head Massage, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, Seated Accupressure Massage and am also a Reiki practitioner.

My yoga training took me back to my ancient roots in South India where I studied under the guidance of some of the most influential yoga teachers.

The study of yoga continues to form a major part of my Sadhana (practice) and my life to me there is no seperation. A famous yogi Krishnamacharya once said 'Breath is central to yoga because it is central to life......... and yoga is life'
Great master yogis and yogini contiune to inspire me through my yoga journey, as do my friends and my beautiful ball of prana my son dhruv, who inspires me everyday.

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